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Do You Know What Your Body is Missing?

Let’s face it; how much nutrition are we getting from our over processed foods, over used soils, and our pill multivitamin. Did you know that you only absorb 20% of the nutrients from a pill like a multivitamin, or that your fruits and veggies are no where near the amount of  nutrients you need on a daily basis? How about the majority of us are Vitamin D deficient and you need to eat 55 eggs every single day to get the amount of Vitamin D you need.

A complete Optimal Health Product is hard to come by these days. We try to get what we need from food but lets be honest you need to supplement. So ask yourself would I rather take a pill I know I’m only going to get 20% of, or would I want to take something that is convenient, great tasting, and most importantly going to give me 100% of everything my body needs.

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