CSPAT Training Programs are designed to give every athlete what they need to tap into their Athletic Potential.Our Skills training offers you a chance to learn your position the way its taught a the next level from a former pro athlete.

Football Skills Training (This training focuses on skills for all football positions consisting of: Quarterbacking, Tackling, blocking, pass rushing, run stopping, coverage, rout running, catching, and other football concepts & philosophies.) sessions last 1hr 15mins to 1hr 30mins

One-on One Sessions

  • 1 Session -60.00
  • 8+ Sessions – 55.00/per

Group Sessions

  •  2   Athletes – 55.00/per
  • 3-5 Athletes – 45.00/per
  • 6-7 Athletes – 35.00/per
  • 8-14 Athletes – 30.00/per
  • 15+ (Contact Us click here we will get back at our earliest convenience)

Clark Sports Personal Athletic Training