CSPAT Training Programs are designed to give every athlete what they need to tap into their Athletic Potential.Our training concentrates on speed, agility, power, balance, strength, & acceleration. We use a combination of sport specific and coordination challenging drills. We found that giving the body something it’s familiar with then taking it out of it’s comfort zone with coordination specific drills, helped athletes improve and perfect these movements faster.

Speed and Agility Training (get faster and more agile while learning to use your body specifically for your sport) sessions last 1hr 15mins to 1hr 30mins


Training Rates

One-on One Sessions

  • 1 Session -60.00
  • 8+ Sessions – 55.00/per

Group Sessions

  •  2   Athletes – 55.00/per
  • 3-5 Athletes – 45.00/per
  • 6-7 Athletes – 35.00/per
  • 8-14 Athletes – 30.00/per
  • 15+ (Contact Us click here we will get back at our earliest convenience)

Clark Sports Personal Athletic Training